About Me

My Path



My path starts in northern Ontario, Canada.

I had a not so common upbringing. As a young boy I lived in a remote town literally populated with 150 people.

I was high energy as a kid, despite having a big yard to run, ride my bike and play, my parents enrolled me into martial arts to help burn off energy and to develop a sense of self-discipline. 

Martial arts is where structure, self discipline, respect of the self and others including self worth was instilled.

We moved to the city when I was 10 and a again when I was 13. 

I found myself in a very different environment. I went from a school of 30 kids to a class room of 30 kids. With more kids come a greater potential to be bullied... and I did get bullied. 

By the time I approached my mid teens, I had hardened. I was angry. I dropped out of martial arts and moved out of home at the age of 16.

I spent the next 5 years in addiction. Addicted to my anger. I spent my time self medicating with drugs and alcohol.

I was 21 when the reality of my lifestyle started to become clear. The repercussions of my actions due to a toxic lifestyle started to show themselves. 

It was time for a change.

I started going to the gym. I started to educate myself in nutrition and a few years later (when I was 25) I found myself back in martial arts.

I had dreams of stepping into the mixed martial arts fighting arena. I trained hard. I had my first degree black belt in two and a half years and my second degree at 5 years of training.

I was ready! I wanted to step into the ring... but, the financial cost and legal restrictions of actually starting a journey in the ring became unrealistic. 

I also came to realize that the window of starting a fighting career had long passed. Most fighters start at 20 and were coming out of the sport at the age of 30.

I came to realize that I was using martial arts to combat the anger I had. I replaced my toxic lifestyle of alcohol and drugs with martial arts. A change for the good... but I was still compensating.

At the time I was training hard and needed to find something that would help me deal with my anger in a constructive way. 

I needed to dive into myself.

This lead me to fall in love with yoga.

I found the practice very therapeutic. It allowed me connect with my emotions. To dive inward to find the root of my anger and frustration.

With this new found love of mindful movement, I also found a new path for a career. Through the training to become a yoga instructor, I was very fortunate to have an amazing friend introduce me to the possibilities of holistic health.

She was a holistic coach and helped me notice the pitfalls of what I thought was a healthy balanced life.

From there my life rocketed into health and wellness. 

I quit my job and started my own business. I teach yoga primarily, I have since developed a reiki practice and I've been helping others find health, wellness, happiness and peace in their mind, their heart and their physical body. 

My Passions


I have always enjoyed movement!

Falling in love with martial arts and pushing my limits filled me with a sense of empowerment.

From martial arts and yoga to Tai Chi and Qi Gong. From cycling, running and traditional exercise programs with weight training and body weight exercises, I love challenging myself!

No matter what I've been involved in. The link for better performance in anything I did was physical resilience. Which is a result of overall health. 

This realization, lead me to a passion for overall health. Through curiosity and studies It became clear to me, nutrition and sleep are extremely important if you want to improve anything and everything in the physical.

What also became clear is that they all relied on one and other.

I would need to improve my mental and spiritual self if I wanted to have better sleep and I would need to improve nutrition and sleep patterns to benefits many aspects of mental health and nourishing the spiritual self.

All signs pointed me to holistic living.

Nutrition, sleep patterns, healthy down time and finding my purpose.

These key factors were crucial in obtaining my optimal health.


Full body strength building yoga flow.

Do what YOU CAN, leave out what you cant.


Keep your knees on the ground if this is a bit to challenging at the beginning.