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Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

You must look at the body and lifestyle as a whole, all components are as important as the other.

An indepth holistic program that focuses on multiple aspects of your everyday life. Over time we gain  a greater picture of your specific health concerns and well-being needs.

This program is much more than diet and exercise coaching. This is a full lifestyle assessment with emphasis on:

When and what are you eating. 

How much stress are you creating with your current exercise regime or lack of. 

How much time are you devoting to stress management and a spiritual practice.

Finding balance in your body for health.

Finding balance in your life for happiness. 

Finding harmony within, driven by purpose.


advanced yoga back bend Wheel pose.

A physical practice of mindful movement unified with breath. 

A yoga experience is intended to bring a sense of peace and harmony to the mind, the body, your emotions and the spirit.

Yoga is a very personal practice,

everyone has their own specific physical wants, needs and capabilities. 

If you decide to take a journey with yoga, there is no doubt in my mind there is a practice out there appropriate for you.


holding light, holding energy. This picture is the perfect representation of reiki energy

Ancient form of energy healing discover in 1922 by Usui Mikao.

Reiki has been proven to help with pain management and to accelerate the healing process.

The word Reiki is a combination of:

"Rei" universal spirit/soul 

"ki" energy.

Meaning universal energy

Reiki directs the flow of universal energy through the body and has been used for relaxation and can improve sleep. Reiki is also very effective at  overcoming energy blockages in the energetic body and at clearing your energetic field. Providing a sense of peace and a grounding affect.




7 Night stay in the jungle on the Caribbean coast in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica 

  • Next trip: November 16-23, 2019

2 yoga practices daily & Specialized workshops


Travel inward in a lush and peaceful jungle environment.

Eco tourism at it's very best!


Rustic bungalows set in the jungle. There is very little separation between nature and the resort.

A short tour through tierra de sueños retreat center

This video shows you  a glimpse of what is waiting for you.

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Some details may change, if you've placed a deposit you will be immediately notified of any changes to the retreat.