My Training

Holistic Lifestyle Coach



​​Holistic Lifestyle Coach LV2

​C.H.E.K. Institute - (Since 2014)

Paul Chek & Angie Chek

This type of coaching looks at your entire system as a whole, assessing different aspects of your life to determine what your greatest obstacles, preventing you from achieving optimal health.

Taking a detailed and in-depth look at your exercise and activity choices,  diet, resting methods and GOALS. I will be able to coach you on the road to health and freedom of spirit.

Yoga Instructor



200 Hour Hatha-vinyasa Yoga Instructor

De La Sol Yoga studios - (Since 2014)

Katie McClelland

This style of yoga can be used as a vigorous movement  to stimulate the body in building muscle. Or the practice is used as a means of loosening the joints and muscles, right down to the soft tissue and is more of a moving meditation.

40 Hour Restorative Yoga Instructor

De La Sol Yoga - (Since 2015)

Charlene Anderson

Letting the body rest in supportive props, this practice is designed to release stored physical or emotional trauma.

50 Hour Suspension Yoga Instructor

​The Flying Yogi Studio (Since 2015)

Beatrix Montanile

Reiki Healing


Usui Reiki Master (Since 2017)

​Attuned under Molly Kubes

The ancient practice of reiki is and was used to accelerate the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Traditional and intuitive placement of hands on and over the body to allow energy to transfer through the practitioner and into the recipient.

There are treatment that the hands are 100% hovered over the body, for a non physical touch treatment.

Martial Arts



Hap Ki Do Black Belt - 2nd degree​

Hwa Won Yue HapKiDo - (Since 2010)

Trained under Grand Master Don Cha

This type of training is best suited for self defense. Building self-confidence boosting moral.

Martial arts train the body to be strong and flexible.

The mind to be open and calm in states of intencity.

and the spirit of knowing your worth and how to stand up to protect it.

GoJuRu Karate - Brown Belt

​Trained under various teachers since the age of 5 years old till 15 years old.

General Fitness


I have explored and trained in many different ways over the years.

From weight lifting and body weight exercise. From cardio circuits, H.I.I.T. training to cycling, running/jogging and more.

I've been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and continue to grow my knowledge of how to strengthen the body against disease, trauma and environmental factors.

Not all exercise are created equal.

I am 100% confident that my years of experience will be of value when determining what exercise program is appropriate for you.